Interior Cell

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"Interior Cell" is a 3D installation which combines a hand built clay sculpture with oil and cold wax painting. Build yourself a spiritual cell, which you can always take with you, and that is the cell of self-knowledge; you will find there also the knowledge of God's goodness to you. There are really two cells in one, and if you live in one you must also live in the other, otherwise the soul will either despair or be presumptuous; if you dwelt in self-knowledge alone you would despair; if you dwelt in knowledge of God alone you would be tempted to presumption. One must go with the other, and thus you will reach perfection. -St. Catherine of Siena I have always been deeply attracted to the mysticism of the saints. Upon encountering St. Catherine of Siena’s insights into spiritual perfection I was moved to create this artwork. “Interior Cell” is an attempt to capture her writings in visual form. Explanation of Visual Choices: I chose to make the exterior of my figurative bust damaged, imperfect, colorless, and worn in order to reflect the physicality we have clothed ourselves in due to the nature of sin. Only the eyes possess color and suggest contemplation as I chose to reflect the metaphor of the eyes as the window to the soul. Next, bar like slats were cut into that area of the chest where the heart is found allowing the viewer to participate in the depth of the knowledge of God. The interior of this cell was painted white and illuminated reinforcing the symbol of purity and good. This creates the perfect environment for the iconic image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which was sculpted out of clay. Why Jesus’ heart in the human chest? This is a lovely image drawn upon from within St. Catherine’s writings. It was her sincere belief that God graciously allowed them to exchange hearts at her request. In an attempt to accentuate the power of our redemption only the sacrificial blood of Christ contains hue. The entire bust is displayed upon a monstrance like stand, which is typically used to present worthily the Body of Christ in the form of the Holy Eucharist during times of adoration. And lastly, the “knowledge of self” is represented in the 2D oil and cold wax painting which serves as the backdrop. It is meant be flat, confused, and yet enlightened in an intimate and transforming way. I believe art is communal and should be both intimate and honest. It is my sincere wish that I have successfully connected with you in some small way. One day Jesus appeared to Catherine as she was praying and said: “Do you know, daughter, who you are and who I am? If you knew these two things, you would be blessed. You are that which is not; I am He who is. If you have this knowledge in your soul, the enemy can never deceive you; you will escape all his snares; you will never consent to anything contrary to my commandments; and without difficulty you will acquire every grace, every truth, every light.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 11"
  • Medium: clay oil cold wax wood paint
  • Width: 34"
  • Year created: 2017
  • Height: 47"