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Detroit Crossroad to Innovation

Hubert Massey's avatar Hubert Massey

Title: Detroit: Crossroad of Innovation For several decades, people worldwide have praised Detroit for its style and ingenuity. Whether hailed as the “Arsenal of Democracy,” “Motor City,” or “Motown,” at the core of each label was the dedication and creativity in the community that became known for everything from state-of- the-Art vehicles and technology to the sweet Motown sound that still resonates all over the world. Many of the city’s artistic landmarks give glimpses of the growth and achievement that has become symbolic of Detroit: from the massive fist downtown, representing homegrown heavyweight champion boxer Joe Louis, to the iconic Diego Rivera auto industry mural at the Detroit Institute of Arts. No major rendering, however, has presented Detroit as an evolving, advancing community of diverse people and cultures living in a continuum of progress. “Detroit: Crossroad of Innovation” visually and vibrantly depicts the city in a timeline of fascinating heritage that can be recognized as a source of pride for generations to come. The Detroit Regional Convention Facility Authority (DRCFA) has committed to this ambitious art initiative that will grace the newly expanded Cobo Center downtown. “Detroit: Crossroad of Innovation,” Hubert Massey's large-scale fresco, is a 30-by-30-foot legacy piece that will serve as an attraction for more than 1.5 million annual metropolitan Detroit and foreign visitors. This public art work will reflect the region’s people and values by carefully incorporating symbols and prominent images reflecting Detroit’s pride and enduring influences from past, present and toward the future. Massey has engaged a team of young art assistants and students to be trained in the fresco technique popularized by the legendary artist Rivera, as demonstrated in his DIA rendering. The DRCFA legacy mural is greatly significant to the city of Detroit and the history of the facility where it’s housed.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth:
  • Medium: charcoal
  • Width: 30'
  • Year created: 2017
  • Height: 30'