We Are Fruitport Building on a Legacy

Fruitport High School Visual Arts Team

This year a select team of art students will be working on preserving a section of the historic "Art Studio" that is upstairs in the Art room at Fruitport High School. In this studio space, there is over 20 years of images, quotes, art work and graffiti covering the walls, floors, ceiling of the room. The space intended to make art, over the years became a work of art itself. The art was created by Portfolios Students under the direction of now retired Art Instructor Michael Heinz. The new instructor, Dawn Jacobson saw these walls holding a legacy of artists comments and drawings all relative to their life, some funny, some dark, parts of teenage culture. The space is now under deconstruction. Sadly it is being cleaned out preparing it to be demolished in 2018 with the construction of a new high school. One day a student said "we need to save these walls....."and the idea began. In order to save a part of our past, the art prize team and their instructor Dawn Jacobson decided to save a twenty seven foot section of the walls. The remaining graffiti that fills the space will be photographed, printed and added as a collage into the empty spaces on these two walls. Students will pull all these images together as they paint and draw things, adding their own work to bring it all together. In the process, continuing to build on a Legacy…

Entry Details
  • Art form: Installation
  • Depth: 4 inch
  • Medium: Mixed Media Collage
  • Width: 27 feet
  • Year created: 2017
  • Height: 7 feet

About Fruitport High School Visual Arts Team

Lizzy Wessles age 17, is in 12th grade and will be graduating this year heading to Grand Valley State University. Lizzy wanted to do this so she could express herself to a broader audience. Kristia Bradshaw age 17, is also graduating this year explains that "It hurts me knowing that all this beautiful art work is going to be destroyed, I just had to be a part of saving it. " Sydney Murphy age 16, 11th grade plans to have a career in graphic design. Sydney wanted to be a part of this team because" collaboration is key in art if your stuck on what to do, other people can be a source of inspiration and together can make things more outstanding." Hailey Tutttle age 17 is in 11th grade plans to be a health coach someday and says this project "allows creative minds to come together and achieve beautiful and unexpected work that would not be possible by a single artist." Jordyn Jones age 15, is in 10th grade, wants to pursue a future in some area of art. She hopes to contact the 20 years of art students that created this space and have them come and see their past and meet who they are now. Mrs. Dawn Jacobson is their Art Instructor a teacher in Fruitport for the past 18 years. She is a graduate of Fruitport High School class of 1989 and says " Its just amazing to watch these young ladies work together to preserve this space, they are giving up their social time after school to be here. They leave here covered in paint and glue all for their love for art but also our school."