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Acoustic Riff

Carl Geenen's avatar Carl Geenen

Artist Statement : My series Acoustic Riff is a depiction of the spiritual powered music being performed by the two guitars. The idea started with a vision in my mind of a electric guitar broken into cubist shapes with smoke like shapes flowing around and through the guitar. I spent months at work in a custom fabrication shop and in my studio finding different shapes of metal which helped influence the design. I knew intuitively that my goal to depict the spirit of the music woven into the guitar designs had to be transfixed in a elegant way. I wanted to make the guitars larger then life size to create a tribute to all musicians. After making the two guitars I decided I wanted to build Harmonious Flow Of Wind and Fire representing a divine riff being played and its power growing towards heaven. I wanted this sculpture to be close to ten feet tall so the audience would look up towards the top and feel the sensation of movement growing over them into the sky. My love for music is able to change my perspective and emotions giving me energy to create art. Music is a spiritual tool which moves my soul to a deeper understanding of others and myself. The memories and ideas music inspires in my mind directly affect my thoughts as I build sculptures. Thus I draw from music a change in perspective which moves me toward an intuitive thought process while designing and building my sculptures. Art and music go hand and hand for me and are deep expressions of the soul. By presenting symbolic guitars in a relationship with diverse organic flowing forms , along with abstract representations of the divine spirit, I aim to display the beauty and struggle of the human condition, the majesty and power of the human mind, and the spirit that lies within. The instruments we use to express this energy serve as a channel for our soul to express and share itself. My aim is to share a narrative derived from my life experiences and the thoughts and emotions they invoke. I work to convey universal truths in my artwork that inspire the viewer to search for a connection with their own personal experiences in order to better understand themselves through artwork. I use organic flowing forms to create objects with multiple layers of interwoven abstract designs. For me, this process depicts the spirit within, while simultaneously unfolding out into the world. Thus my instrumental depictions are meant to tell a story of overcoming challenges through an enlightened state of consciousness. My abstract sculptures are symbolic of the spirit influencing positive change, while at the same time defying barriers. The experience of my own spiritual awakening after overcoming a series of personal obstacles dramatically changed my mentality, and also my artwork. It inspired me to remain open to allowing a higher power to light the path of my creative journey. When music and art are created using love for others as motivation, our talents are uniting the world and we are fulfilling our intended purpose. Thus the more we share our creative gifts with a spirit of love the more we carry the audience on that path. My dream is that artistic creativity of all forms can be used as a source of uniting people on a spiritual plane. Our creations are a reflection of the creator of the universe and bring us fulfillment when they’re shared.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 8ft.
  • Medium: Copper, Stainless Steel, bronze, steel
  • Width: 12 ft.
  • Year created: 2017
  • Height: 10 ft.