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Capn Nemo's Flaming Carnival

The Carnival

The Carnival IS a fire circus! Interactive performance, event-based experiences, fire-based games, and skill-based workshops create a way for everyone to get involved in the magic. We will have various types of performance, with something different day and night. We will work with performers of all types – the Carnival provides the venue, opening a space for many more to get involved. In particular, we expect fire spinners and breathers, aerialists, circus performers of all stripes, burlesque, and music. The Carnival will have a midway - a day and night time interactive experience. We’ll have family-friendly games like ring-toss, operation, giant bubbles, and fun workshops. At night we’ll bring out our flaming popcorn machine, our interactive fire games (push the button!), or put on a show. Some nights we’ll feature a live DJ or band, and clear the space for a dance party. Finally, we hope to partner with local maker spaces and more to offer a connection to the local community.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Time-Based
  • Depth: 150'
  • Medium: Theater, Fire, Metal, Wood, Electronics
  • Width: 150'
  • Year created: 2015
  • Height: 25'

About The Carnival

Our group consists of builders, artists, performers, carnies and geeks, with experience on large scale professional and art projects. We have worked together on a variety of large projects, including Hudor, our fire-breathing dragon boat, Capn Nemo's Flaming Carnival at Lakes of Fire, and most recently in the Chicago Halloween Parade on Columbus Avenue.