Taro Takizawa's avatar Taro Takizawa

My practice focuses on prints, drawings and large-scale vinyl wall installations. The wall vinyl is hand-cut, but done so meticulously it looks mechanically produced. The slickness of the vinyl adds to the illusion of the absence of the hand. I came to this form while working on prints and drawings, attempting to perfect the technique and motion. Although the methods are different, there are similarities between the bodies of work. Both have similar repetitive imagery and there is a questioning of the origin of the marks and how they are made. With a background in printmaking, I expand on the idea of multiple reproductions by the layering and repetition of marks in meandering, curvy patterns that engulf the viewer, creating a space of optical levitation and meditation. What I value is the moment I am so focused on the surface, my next move, stopping for a moment and trying to come up with a decision which is also the most exciting part while I am working on a wall.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Installation
  • Depth:
  • Medium: Wall vinyl
  • Width: N/A
  • Year created: 2017
  • Height: N/A