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Tin Plate Toy Train Bridges

Harold Woods Jr.'s avatar Harold Woods Jr.

My ArtPrize 2017 entry consists of several tinplate toy train bridges; the New York Connecting Railroad's Hell Gate Bridge and the Illinois Central Bridge at Metropolis, Illinois. My exhibit of the Hell Gate Bridge, in New York City, is a standard gauge model with approaching bridges and viaduct. My entry is over 45 feet long, sitting on the top of a wall that is 5 feet high, and 6.5 inches wide, much larger than Lionel's original tin plate model produced in the 1930's. The Illinois Central Bridge is the largest Pratt Truss ever made. My exhibit is a quarter scale model that is 15 feet long. This entry will be suspended from one of the building trusses 8 feet above the floor. The bridges are made of steel, with all the assembled members made by hand. In total, there are thousands of individual steel pieces and tens-of-thousands of acetylene welded connections. The models are truly hand crafted.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 50'
  • Medium: Steel
  • Width: 2'
  • Year created: 2017
  • Height: 5'