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"We Are All Different Fish But We All Swim Together!"

We all Swim Together

This ArtPrize piece was created with students from Kentwood Public Schools. They glued laser cut scraps together to form the fish, which are be arranged so they create a giant wave of fish, just like a school of fish swimming together. Swimming across the front of the Holiday Inn. You can not miss it. As I outlined to my students at the beginning of the lesson plan to start this project is about diversity, how we are all different people but in society we work together to create a better world. Discovery, Meadowlawn, Explorer and Bowen students, staff and parents, helped to bring this piece together. "This is one of the biggest pieces at ArtPrize created by the most diverse student body in the state. Kentwood Public School. The piece also features student creations from Valleywood Middle under Alicia Fuller guidance and East Kentwood High under Jon Bouck's direction. My good friend and Art Teacher, Lori Bolt, guided her students from St. Mary's School in Charlevoix.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Installation
  • Depth: 1 Foot
  • Medium: Wood, Clay, Paint, Glitter
  • Width: 100 - 150 Feet
  • Year created: 2107
  • Height: 8 Feet

About We all Swim Together

We All Swim Together! THis is my TEAM! See this great video. Maranda and My Kentwood Students. http://wotv4women.com/2017/09/21/artprize-with-maranda-courage-drone-racing-and-more/