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I wanted to go there...

Kristen Schultz's avatar Kristen Schultz

I wanted to go to the Brooklyn Bridge. It's such an iconic image that's been photographed countless times, and I took a photo of it too when I got there. Then I got to looking at the shapes and textures of the bridge the what ifs started to go in my head. Even the people on the bridge were intriguing. All kinds of people and languages swirling around on the bridge as people huddled and held onto each other in the cold. I love to play with texture, paper, shapes and how it can all come together in an interesting and mesmerizing way. Dullness against shine...lines that flow... little details to ponder or a fast flash of metallic. Wondering what other people have been on this bridge before me and after. All the while reminding me how I wanted to go there...and I did.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 1 inch
  • Medium: Mixed media
  • Width: 24 inches
  • Year created: 2017
  • Height: 24 inches