The Forrest for The Trees , Birds Eye VIew.

Marjory Erdman's avatar Marjory Erdman

THE LOOKING GLASS The window you see , comes from a home that was abandon and ready to be burned, We used acrylics on glass to produce the images, Windows are meant for looking through to see the other side but this window has a different purpose, it invites you to look at the story within … Regret nothing, life is a lesson, a story, a journey, a discovery, we all must take the path through the woods of life, facing failures, illness, trauma, isolation, exhaustion, and we all have the opportunity through that experience, to gain love, joy peace and forgiveness. Watch the birds each day, they carry only the weight of each new day, they do not dwell on the past, or fret about the future, they only focus on the day ahead, there work looks simple, but carried out with precision daily. The example of the Pileated wood pecker shows us, Protection, Love and Caring the fortitude and ability to rebuild life for themselves and their young. This too, is how we should act, always moving onward with the hope of each new day. Our family moved into a newly bought 100-year-old home, we had great prospects to raise our family and teach gardening there. Inspectors gave us clearance to live in the home, unfortunately three forms of Toxic Mold were in the home with us along with septic gas breaks, we developed illnesses fast. Families before us also suffered illness, unable to identify the cause of their illnesses, unknowingly passed the toxic space to us. Air Quality test is the best way to identify what we were breathing. We found assistance with Remediators that helped us manage the toxins, and guard our health in the process, these people gave us insights, understanding and hope through our illnesses. They guided us through this difficult patch of woods. Insurance companies don’t understand the importance of indoor air quality. 45% of home across the US have poor air quality, and even more have moisture issues. Technology today, shows data, on Toxic Molds. Now insurance companies and Hosing sectors are catching on. People spend 80% of their time in doors. We are just beginning to know more about the air that develops around us, in close quarters and in old rotting out spaces. Doctors’ are beginning to use tools to identify toxic homes, asking vital questions,like, how is your home? Do you have reliable heat sources? How is your water? How are your food sources ? How are your support groups and people around you? By looking at disparities with binoculars. We can discover underpinnings of illness, anxiety or depression, may be caused by your environment, your body is responding to the air you breath, the water you drink, or the supports you may lack, Pillars of health are, Good Shelter, Good Supports, Good Spirituality Hope and purpose, Physical activity and Good Food sources., we can develop illnesses if our pillars collapse. Resilience is a companion, it shares space with hope, so as you can fly to a better place, understanding what a secure home looks like. It is important for us all to “See the Forest for the Trees.” We have only each other, to rely on, paramount is for you to know your reality, to steer yourself in the right direction. Helping one another navigate hardships, trauma or failures that will happen in the Forrest. You will see more and more victories in Resiliency, as the wind takes the message from branch to branch, family to family, building homes and, communities that support the pillars for better lives. WHY THE WOOD PECKER? Pileated wood peckers are a regal presence, they exhibit confidence in their ability to adapt and build a sound home, this deep wood bird is protective and territorial. There example to humans is to protect one another and the forest. Like the Pileated Wood pecker knows, awareness on your environment is everything. And She strives for her children to be protected and Healthy! TODAY! Marjory and her family have assisted 20 families heal through toxic home issues. We have educated hundreds and mobilized more by honoring our past difficulties. We are better fit to answer the call of others that live with collapsing Pillars of Health. Today with the help of Doctors, Data Scientist, Builders, Social Workers, Churches and community members, we concepted the Non – Profit. “Sowing Resilience Communities “Our mission is Housing as a vaccination and foods that will heal the gut to enhance resilience – We Teach those who have been rejected, life skills, and Love those who have lost support or hope. .

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 52in
  • Medium: Acrylic on Glass
  • Width: 2in
  • Year created: 2016
  • Height: 50in