As I went over the water, the water went over me

W/Field Workshop

This project is inspired by the mysterious and abstract, of what could be when the mind is left to wander. It is evocative of an imagined river creature emerging from the depths of the water through the bridge, coming to rest partially submerged in the concrete and bricks.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Installation
  • Depth: 59'
  • Medium: Wood, LED lights,
  • Width: 24'
  • Year created: 2016
  • Height: 8'-6

About W/Field Workshop

W/Field Workshop is a collaboration between a new media artist and an installation artist. We strive to create interactive experiences in poetic, inviting sculptures and spaces that promote an awareness of natural, cultural and social qualities of each site. We have produced public projects in numerous cities including Nashville, Boston and Minneapolis.