A Little Piece of Mackinac

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"A Little Piece of Mackinac" is an original musical composition, with lyrics and music written by Gary Weisenburg.• • • • • • • • • (Listen here: http://goo.gl/yowFRt ) • • • • • Every year, my wife Barb and I make a creative journey to Mackinac Island. She comes to paint and I to write music. My goal is to write music drawing from the inspiration of the Island. One night, several artists were trying to explain how they see color and how the quality of light in certain environments can almost make you feel the color. I remember thinking about that and wondering how I could capture that idea in music. The next morning, before sunrise, I walked down to the water. As the sky started to turn a dark blue and the horizon lightened, I started singing about it in my mind. My thoughts were becoming this song. It is rare for me to write lyrics and music at the same time and so spontaneously. It was exciting! And, of course, the light from the Sun, the sky, and the water started doing their magic. I started walking back to the hotel, reflecting on the Islands beauty through the different seasons. Back in our room, I started writing frantically, singing the melody and trying to not forget my thoughts. Barb came and asked if I was going to breakfast. I said, “ Not yet, I think I’m writing a song!” I then picked up my guitar and started to figure out the key and the chords to what I had written. By the time I got to breakfast, I was so excited about the birth of the song, that I had to sing it right then. Today the song, to me, is a metaphor for all special places. A moment in time on a perfect day. A place of feeling “All is good.” Whenever I sing “A Little Piece of Mackinac,” I still remember the peace of that moment.

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  • Art form: Time-Based
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  • Medium: Music
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  • Year created: 2016
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