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Now That You're Gone

Lou Baron & The New Lovers

After winning their category in ArtPrize last year with "Rock Bottom," LBTNL is returning with a soulful, driving and haunting song that gets very personal. "Now That You're Gone" is a moving tribute to four of the band members fathers and another's cousin who are no longer with us. It asks that simple, unanswerable question many find themselves thinking after losing a loved one; "what do I do now?" With a baseline created by LBTNL member Colin Fischer that pushes the song to the limits, and the unmistakable mandolin machinations of Steve Kelso, "Now That You're Gone," captures those moments of desperate and frenzied need that come in-between sweet memories. The inspiration may have come from the devastating loss of their own dads, but the song is instantly relatable to anyone who has endured tragedy or lost at love.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Time-Based
  • Depth:
  • Medium:
  • Width: From here to there
  • Year created:
  • Height: It's a long way down

About Lou Baron & The New Lovers

Lou Baron & The New Lovers defies common description. The group lives somewhere between folk, rock and bluegrass. It's a little bit of the best of everything. Comprised of Brett Thomas, Jim Charbauski, Steve Kelso, Colin Fischer and Matt Proch, the band has already achieved phenomenal success. Now they're back for an encore with "Now That You're Gone"