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Infrastructure consists of blocks of EPS foam representing architecture that houses major plant preservation and production companies. Parts of the installation are abstractions of the world's reserve seed Svalbard vault in Norway; other parts are of Monsanto’s headquarters in St. Louis. On each block, architectural elements represent entities with opposite initial goals. In essence, this installation is a three-dimensional mental map of my investigations into these subjects. Climate change is such that plants have difficulty adapting quickly. The selection of seeds adapted to the climate and the highest levels of biodiversity are becoming essential. Another necessity is the quantity, the time to produce enough seeds and access to seeds for all producers worldwide. Infrastructure II is the result of my attempts to make sense of the facts and correlations between these two entities while putting them into perspective with my immediate natural world.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Installation
  • Depth: variable
  • Medium: Styrofoam, Plants, Soil, Various Plastics, and Mixed Media
  • Width: variable
  • Year created: 2016
  • Height: variable