Bald Faced Hornet

Bruce Ling's avatar Bruce Ling

Young art student and great fiddle player Natalie was coming over to our house to learn some fiddle tunes from me. I had collected a very large Bald Faced Hornet nest years prior, close to 3’ in length, and I had it hanging over my computer desk. The idea was that the Energy of that Hive, through the hivemindedness of the Hornets, would help me quickly move through any creative blockages that I was encountering at that time. It was now 5 years later, and as Natalie showed up to learn fiddle tune, she found me taking down that large old paper hive. I was going to hang it in a tree and let nature take it’s course, and slowly tear it to shreds and be recycled, but at the last moment I asked her if she’d like to see what was inside. I grabbed a filet knife, handed her a video camera, and proceeded to section that Bald Faced Hornet’s Hive. This is a song that came from that adventure.

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