Boat of Dreams

Marianne Murphy's avatar Marianne Murphy

The broken family of divorce is so common now..nasty custody fights, the hurt children, and suffering that spreads out to include the grandparents. It needs to be countered with positive experiences for the little ones, given by all who love them. This song was inspired by my delightful granddaughter after spending a day of precious time in her world of dreams. She and I have been going through the painful divorce along with her parents. She had just graduated from preschool so we went for ice cream and to our local toy store. I told her she could pick something out. She was mesmerized by a ballerina doll who stood alone on the shelf. “Can I have her please Gma?” she pleaded. Money was tight for me but I relented. She and I went home and we actually did dance all afternoon with that little ballerina, in our “Boat of Dreams.” Vocals, guitar: Marianne Murphy Lead guitar: Tim Twiss Laughter and boat drawing: Ashlyn Dismuke, Graphic Artist: Beverly Larsen, photographs.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Time-Based
  • Depth:
  • Medium: Music
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  • Year created: 2016
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