Hidden Pictures in Abstracts of Myrtle Joy

Myrtle Joy Soles's avatar Myrtle Joy Soles

CAN YOU FIND ALL THE HIDDEN PICTURES IN THESE ABSTRACTS? "Mysteries in a Storm" the first of three pieces of art for Artprize. - You can spend days, weeks and years finding pictures in this abstract, depending on how the light hits it and which way you hang it, many different pictures in one painting hung four different ways. It has faces in one way it is hung and other things in different ways you hang it. If you turn it another direction you will see the actual storm brewing up with the river below and the embankment on each side. Yet in another turn you can almost see the cartoon character of Casper the Ghost. Whichever way you turn this abstract, you may find hidden animals such as a koala bear, squirrel, dancing girl and whatever else you may see. Each person sees different things. You may or may not see the hidden pictures. What kind of pictures can you find? To see these hidden pictures the best, the artist recommends standing a little distance away from the painting. Painting is 27"w x 24h with frame. (2) "Hidden Faces" Mixed Media - There are many faces and figures in this picture. How many can you find? Can you find the dog with a biscuit in its mouth? The artist thinks he looks like a Dalmatian. He’s located at the top middle of the painting. Can you find the person walking with something on his back (hint, lower left corner) or the little girl with the puff powder in her hand in the bottom center section (all you see is her face and goldilocks long hair with the puff powder) or the face of a Billy goat? There are many other faces, how many can you find or do you see something else? 22"w x 28"h (3) "Mixed Salad" - When looking at this picture with all the green hues and lines and shapes, the artist decided to call it Mixed Salad. It’s a fun painting with different objects and a few faces in it. What shapes do you find in this painting? The matt is black velvet with the green frame to go with all the green hues and line shapes in the picture. This is a mixed media piece of artwork. 25"w x 22"h All these pictures are for sale individually or as a collective.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 1 inch
  • Medium: Mixed Media
  • Width: 27 inches
  • Year created:
  • Height: 24 inches