Seeking Stillness

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“Seeking Stillness” contains two potential “homes”—a house and a nest—within an open skyscape. Projecting outward from the main frame, a small, symmetrical house perches in the middle, as if out on a limb. It harbors a small nest lodged in the fragile fork of whittled weeping-willow branches. The thin, wispy branches twist and turn out of the house like smoke, like the blurred endings of a dream or the spiraling trails of something leaving the nest… Behind these homes, and filling the picture frame, lies a photographed skyscape. The photograph stems from my wondering many years ago how to picture the sound of an unending quest for universal peace. For me that sound is the relentless flapping of wings, the wings of a dove, suspended in flight, never finding a place to land. While sculpting the homes, I spent an afternoon photographing stark white clouds that swiftly swept across a deep blue sky. I wanted to capture their shapes before they shifted and morphed beyond the picture frame. Suddenly a cloudscape appeared suggesting a large white bird in flight. I snapped away, trying to capture it before it shape-shifted and fled eastward. “Seeking Stillness” combines the fragility of a home-harbored nest with a dream-quest for peace.

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