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Invasive Species

Shiny Seed
    2016 5th place

An invasive species can be a positive or negative presence in a habitat. It can be pervasive and proliferate quickly. We as a species have bloomed in this world and shaped it to our will. We are always at a point that we must choose to make our impact positive rather than negative. In the end our hand print on the world will shape our collective future. We hope to infect our invasive species in order to make that positive growth. It all starts with a small shiny seed. Invasive Species is an interactive sculpture that changes with time. It is a life size tree with a steel frame wrapped in aluminum wire. It stands 17'x12'x 17'. The leaves are a mirrored stainless which will reflect the surrounding environment and also reflect the glowing fruit of the tree. The fruit will be made of a textured glass shaped in a multi-faceted sphere illuminated by LEDs. Invasive Species will interact with the environment and viewer by changing color, frequency and pattern.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 17'
  • Medium: Metal, Glass, Electronics, LEDs
  • Width: 17'
  • Year created: 2016
  • Height: 16'

About Shiny Seed

Gene Foulk and Casey Dixon are a couple of artists from Ann Arbor Ypsilanti. They teamed up while working out of Maker-Works (worlds greatest maker-space). Gene runs a successful small business and Casey is the shop manager at Maker-Works. Gene approached Casey with his awesome idea of making a tree and a team was born.