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Jerry Catania's avatar Jerry Catania

BLOOM consists of four interrelated blown and hot-sculpted glass and metal sculptures that compose the entire work. By definition, the word bloom is “a time of flowering” and offers up a variety of meanings, many of which describe good health (“a period of greatest health … a youthful, healthy glow … to be in one’s prime … to glow with health”). It is my hope that BLOOM inspires all who come through the doors of Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital to “bloom” and feel a personal sense of renewal. My charge was to create a work that glows with positive, intense energy. The phrase “Wow-factor” was used to describe my creative task. Early feedback from viewers during the installation of BLOOM was a feeling of happiness. Glass has the natural ability to interact with light and color, to be fluid in its many forms and to convey a natural, innate energy. The medium of glass is a perfect choice to interpret my intent. The natural flower-like forms, the intense, exciting color palette and the graceful energy seen in the underlying steel armature represent all the ideas and feelings I hope to convey. Flowers are symbolic of the healing journey. Given as a gift, they bring life, joy and love into people’s lives. They extend the comfort and good will of the givers. BLOOM will remain here at Mary Free Bed to provide its positive energy to both the healing and the healers, as they embark on their wellness journey together. – Jerry Catania

Entry Details
  • Art form: Installation
  • Depth: 16'
  • Medium: glass and metal
  • Width: 30'
  • Year created: 2015
  • Height: 15'