Stephen's Memorial


Welcome to “Stephen’s Memorial.” Stephen Tobias was my uncle. He was my mother’s twin who died in World War II. ~~~~~As you walk toward the piano stool in the center of Stephen’s Memorial, you become part of the Tobias family. Turning in different directions with your arms out stretched, your arms become the hands of a clock going forward decades after World War II. You look around and notice the dresses, flowers, and stars everywhere. For those you loved who died, your thoughts may drift to life’s markers, those special occasions they missed - children born, their first steps, first day of school, first prom, first date, family summer vacations, high school and college graduations, wedding and new year celebrations, goodbye hugs, laughter, tears and times that only you and they shared. ~~~~~The war that they served in interrupted their life and your life. You remember and picture in your mind’s eye others close to your family that served in the military or were first responders who died serving your country while protecting the values of freedom, law and justice. Their names and faces pass through your memory album as you are saddened by their absence. ~~~~~You look up to see the greatness of the red, white and blue American flag. You feel pride recalling those who have died. We remember that they fought for us, protected us and perhaps saved our life. Without a doubt, they stood tall and strong for our freedom. We will NEVER, EVER forget what they did. We will NEVER, EVER forget what those who returned from war and those who currently serve in the military, police or fire protection. Each and every person serving allows us to pursue our dreams each day. ~~~~~After experiencing some sadness, notice the glow in the stained glass service stars* hanging in the windows and those red, white, and blue stars on the floor. The stars on the floor are for individuals who have lost a family member while serving in the military, police and fire fighters. The ones on the floor are also for those individuals currently serving. Come to the City Water Building and accept a service star. Stephen’s Memorial was completed a few months after 9/11. It was reassembled in the Waters Building on 9/11/16. ~~~~~For 15 years I have been looking for a permanent home for Stephen’s Memorial. I would like to donate it to the Grand Rapids Community. I ask for your help to find that special location where others can come to experience it and perhaps grieve their loss. After releasing these feelings, our hearts will be more open to experience more joy and expand our ability to love and give. Thank you Stephen Tobias and to all he represents. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *During WWI and WWII, a blue star displayed in the window represented a family member actively serving in the military. A gold star represented a family member killed serving his or her country. The crocheted five point stars were created by my mother who missed her twin brother every day of her ninety-seven years, Irene Tobias Myers. ~~~~~Michael David Myers Art Prize Vote Code: 62992

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 21'
  • Medium: Mixed
  • Width: 21'
  • Year created: 2001
  • Height: 7'