Katie Lane's avatar Katie Lane

A love story for the apocalypse. My piece is a story told in photographs printed on canvas and the tragic love story poem printed on tarnished cloth. I styled and composed the scenes while my friends modeled and acted out my story of two lovers torn apart by a massive attack on society. While she hides, he goes to fight. She is soon consumed by sickening worry and a need to be with him, she begins to go crazy and imagine him as a bunny man and slips deeper and deeper into an all consuming despair. Despite what might seem a tragic story the photographs hold very interesting and captive details that are sure to draw people into their surreal mystery. Poem: The thunder of the planes interrupted their celebration, Destruction would soon replace peace. With haste he hid her upon revelation that his yearning to protect her would not cease. She sat alone awaiting his return Until her need to see him was too much to bear. Silence filled a world that she once thought had burned But her love was still wandering out there... Remnants of the world she remembered slowly appeared; As did the images of his handsome face. A new Friend would help her travel on without fear, And keep her company in this foreign, yet familiar place. Time went on as she made herself at home With only her new friend by her side. His Presence reminded her she didn't have to be alone And she almost felt like she could survive. They formed a bond over what felt like years; Her friend became all that she had, Their ventures more daring, and through the tears She thought, "would trusting him really be that bad?"-Poem Edited by Jackie Drew

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 2in max
  • Medium: Photography & Canvas
  • Width: 9ft max
  • Year created: 2016
  • Height: 5ft max