UpLeft by UpRight

John Crookston's avatar John Crookston

John R. Crookston Kalamazoo, Michigan RE: Circular stairs The concept for this piece had its origins all the way back in 1982. I have always loved the “lines” of a round staircase, and as I was resting in the hammock looking at my lower deck and upper deck one day, I figured out the way to build one in modules. I immediately got up and experimented with some pieces of thin aluminum to see if the concepts would work and I came to the conclusion that they would. Several weeks later, I had a prototype bent out of heavy aluminum pieces, and then found out how difficult it would be to make it “fair” and to keep those lines. I also learned that the pieces could not be interchangeable like I had thought, so the project to connect my decks was put on hold. “Life” got in the way, but I never forgot the project, always intending to make a model, but needing special equipment to make it happen. Fast forward to a year ago in my brothers shop; he had the computerized equipment to lay out the pieces and the bending equipment to make it real. I can make any sweep of stairs with this model, either going up and to the left or right in any radius. These are not the common type of stairs that wrap around a pole and are self-supporting when anchored to a top and bottom support. I call this model “UpLeft by Upright” in honor of my wife’s’ business UpRight Inc., and the fact that the stairs do sweep up and to the left. Please walk up the stairs and look down at the railing and the steps as they curve away from you. Nothing in nature is square, but is based on the “golden Mean” and Pi. That is why these stairs attract the eye because they work with the natural elements and proportions of nature. Enjoy!

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 73"
  • Medium: steel
  • Width: 73"
  • Year created: 2014
  • Height: 73"