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They Were Displaced... And Again

LaMarre And Dancers Featuring James Cornish

"They Were Displaced...And Again" is a live site-specific modern dance and music collaboration created exclusively for ArtPrize 2015 at the Site:Lab/The Rumsey Street Project venue. The issue of internal displacement is the base of thought for this work with hopes of drawing attention to the issues and emotions of people being forced to leave their homes and relocate due to natural disasters, war, generalized violence, or other conflicts. Each performance will be located in different corners, rooms, and spaces. This forces the performing artists to relocate, to restructure, to reevaluate, and start over again and again. Each time new and innovative results emerge. As the performers enter their designated area, they will face the challenge of using their unknown surroundings to create an original work on the spot. The dancers and musicians must communicate without words to complete their composition and audiences will experience the process directly. A white dust will represent the form and structure displaced communities re-build as they learn to reestablish and reconstruct a new home and social union. As each performance concludes, so does its actuality. What is left behind is only dust. The displaced participants, being forced to flee their established residence, will never return, their existence may or may not be known to people passing through at a later time.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Time-Based
  • Depth: NA
  • Medium: dance/music
  • Width: NA
  • Year created: 2015
  • Height: NA

About LaMarre And Dancers Featuring James Cornish

LAMARRE AND DANCERS main mission is to expose contemporary modern dance to a variety of new audiences in new spaces. Through site-specific performances and interdisciplinary art collaborations, the dancers create visual artwork that brings awareness to environments and subject matters that significantly impact our community. As Detroit grows and changes, so does LaMarre and Dancers. We hope to continue bringing movement to the new gallery opening on the corner, the movie night on the grassy hill, the courtyard at the summer festival, the inside walls of the museum, and the front yard of your house (if you let us!)