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Gianluca Traina's avatar Gianluca Traina

The organs of sense are physical structures present in the bodies of living creatures that are used to receive information from the surrounding world. Senses are the devices of human input, are the tools with which every living creature interfaces with the world and creates his real experience. They are often underestimated and it is this motivation that intrigued me in the research of these powerful receptors, and that leads me to highlight them through didactic works and educational, but with the spirit of artistic turn them into something unique and solemn. For some years I'm working on techniques to produce three-dimensional images that exceed the classical conception of the use of the image. For this reason I have developed a technique for producing innovative and contemporary image through the use of traditional techniques and craftsmanship of ancient material modeling. Developing the weaving typical of any population in the world I have created a hemispherical shapes with diagonal weave that allow me to create immersive photo where the viewer is involved not only observation but also in the relationship between the work and space. I'd like to bring the viewer to the awareness of the importance of these organs through the discovery of the details of each of the 5 best known senses and give a visually sensible memory. SENSI is a memorable experience. is the boundary between old and contemporary. A universal representation of the 5 senses. A global image read by every individual on the planet regardless of his cultural background and emotive. SENSI is a tribute to human specificity, a didactic anthology of how we perceive the world through an aesthetic image of the senses. SENSI is what every human being knows that it has never seen. SENSI are spherical photos. SENSI is the link between digital and analogical. SENSI is what was not there and that today can only exist with the help of modern technology. Come see your senses as you have never experienced.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Installation
  • Depth: 11.8 inches
  • Medium: PAPER. PVC
  • Width: 236.2 inches
  • Year created: 2015
  • Height: 39.4 inches