Angels on Earth and Beyond

Igor Raikhline's avatar Igor Raikhline

"Angels on Earth and Beyond" (Angels at work – Diptych) Left side of diptych: "Those Who Count the Days of Our Lives" Two powerful creatures, the ANGELS OF FATE, control the flow of our days. If they observe something that displease them in our existence or our conduct, they will tie a rope around the neck of the hourglass, and our soul will feel constricted. It should be perceived as a message to improve your life while time remains. The little helper below in white keeps track of our passing years and what time remains. Though we do not sense his careful watch over our lives, he is always present, working tirelessly for his God-chosen Masters above. Right side of diptych: "Lost angel at a quiet creek" But what if sometimes,... angels can go astray? The angel in this painting, a messenger of God, has been tasked to reach a chosen soul on Earth. Her duty seems simple, but sometimes it is not easily accomplished. She and her fellow messengers sometimes fail to reach their destinations. The earth, which seems from the distance a quiet and peaceful place, upon arrival is often a dangerous and unpleasant realm to visit. The angels may go astray and end up trapped and suffering in unintended places. There can be no help from the mortal souls here as they are unaware of the angel’s presence. Unperceived by mortals, the FATES have watched this tragic story being played out countless times. So, why this diptych, what is the connection between these two contradictory paintings? When ANGELS are above dealing with the souls of Humans, they are in control of time and space. But when ANGELS are below, facing a grim earthly reality – without the power of the heavenly realm, the delivery of GOD'S message may not turn out as expected. I have to let you know that I came up with several variations for a triptych and on my submission you can only see one version of it. I am still debating on which painting would be better for the show.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 5 inches
  • Medium: Acrylic on board and canvas
  • Width: 66 inches
  • Year created: 2015
  • Height: 84 inches