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Kaylon Khorsheed's avatar Kaylon Khorsheed

This body of work represents one of many stages that are yet to come in my life and of being an artist. I took myself into what I call the “Baby State of Mind”. I wanted to let go of what I already knew about clay and making things and pretend that I was a baby; touching, seeing and doing things to the clay like it was the first time ever experiencing it. I turned ordinary forms of bottles and pots upside down, dismantled and rearranged into something unfamiliar. As a baby, everything is new to you and there’s no fear of consequence, action is based off pure impulse. The more a baby plays around with an object, the more it’ll discover about that object. I’m trying to mimic this state of mind in the process of creating and all aspects of life. The simple act of turning a pot upside down allowed me to see a different object within the pot, and that it holds a certain potential to be appreciated as something other than what it appears and functions to be. This potential lies within all objects and beings, but I find it to be most apparent in the birth stage of an object; the moment before you recognize what it is and place an ego on it. The potential is the energy something possesses while in the midst of becoming something. I want to capture the moment that lead this object to becoming what it is; the playful spirit of potential that creates an intuitive interaction between the mind and object.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth:
  • Medium: ceramic stoneware
  • Width: 5 inches
  • Year created: 2015
  • Height: 1'3