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Mediating Device: The Parochial High Dive

William Charland's avatar William Charland

My work is about symbols (Vygotsky's "mediating devices") and the choices we make -- how/why people imbue objects and behaviors with meaning and significance, how meanings are culturally specific, how the same object or behavior is understood differently by others and afforded greater or lesser salience, and the deliberate and passive acts of hegemony imposed by dominant cultures. I juxtapose symbols from various semiotic systems as a strategy to interrupt authority and return dimension, complexity, potential, and richness to life.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 4'
  • Medium: Wood, steel, plastic, 22K gold-leaf, acrylic paint, mirror, sound
  • Width: 2'-8"
  • Year created: 2015
  • Height: 13'-4"