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In the Beginning

Ritsu Katsumata's avatar Ritsu Katsumata

"In the Beginning" is a musical composition that portrays the 7 days of creation: 1. Light from Darkness 2. Sky from Water 3. Earth and Fauna 4. Sun Moon Stars 5. Birds in air and Fish in water 6. Man and Beast 7. Reflection. This entry will be manifested as a multi-media "Jam Session." Guest artists will interact with the music using multiple media: Illustrations, dance, environments and sound. These artists include (but are not limited to) drummer Hugo Claudin, dancer Rachel Finan, illustrator Yolanda Gonzales and designer Mike Gorman. The music will be recorded and available for listeners via SoundCloud. Live performances will "pop up" in various locations throughout Artprize, to be scheduled and posted as the event nears.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Time-Based
  • Depth: 6'+
  • Medium: live music, projected image, dance
  • Width: 8'+
  • Year created: 2015
  • Height: 8'+