The Space Between Us

Mahesh Kummar's avatar Mahesh Kummar

“The Space between us” is about evolution of “THE WOMAN”. How did the rich become rich & the poor remained poor . Education is the key to a successful future, Every human being needs oxygen to survive in the world. Education is as important as this because education gives people the knowledge and skills they require.Education is needed for happiness abound, a stable well balanced self dependent life, to live a longer disease free life, for the will to keep trying till being successful, to earn your own living, for the economic growth of the nation, it imparts ability to work across genres and cultures, for ethical values that help make the world more peaceful & a better place, to adapt to newer techniques for productivity, for a healthier lifestyle and living, Keeping your own mind without being fooled, exposure to the World, Keeping up with evolutions , reasoning against the illogical & forgoing baseless superstitions & to avoid societal embarrassment . In this painting the struggling woman has to cross all hurdles of life to achieve success to become an Educated Modern woman. The pots depicts the olden age, the house, mobile & car in the basket on her head are her dreams to fulfill, she is carrying a child tied on her back which shows she is responsible, the snail on her stomach shows she is cautious in her approach at the same time she is as powerful as a horse. She’s got a dagger on her back for protection. The lady on the other side is a successful Modern woman, she is fearless (sitting on a scull), using a tab, a modern hairstyle with a modern dress (she’s educated), she is wearing different colored boots which depicts she is independent & does things at her will. Finally she’s has three hands where she is very powerful (socially, economically& financially) & lifts a man over her head because she has superseded the male in many aspects of life.The colourful shoes shows the colorful, beautiful & financially rich life of the successful person & the arrow pointing towards the shoes shows that the struggling Ambitious woman wants to fit herself into it.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 2 inches
  • Medium: Oil On canvas
  • Width: 72 Inches
  • Year created: 2014
  • Height: 54 inches