Calla Lily Memory

Kristen Murray's avatar Kristen Murray

The story of Calla Lily Memories. A year after my father's death, on his birthday/wedding anniversary, I had bought my stepmother a pot of Calla Lilies. She was in the hospital at the time suffering from a stage 4 pressure lesion. I had planned to visit her about an hour and a half drive away at the hospital on this very sad day and deliver the flowers to her in order to lift her spirits. Luckily, before I delivered them, I had taken the pot outside the night before and in the morning, they were misted with dew and glowing in the soft light. And as a photographer, I couldn't resist. The day was about remembering my father and I wanted to memorialize it by making something as etherial as a flower permanent. As in "Take a picture, it'll last longer." Thus Calla Lily Memories was born. I am a curator at the photographer's website and Calla Lily Memories has become my most Peer Awarded photograph, so I decided that it should be this year's ArtPrize entry. I am very grateful to Flanagan's for being my Venue. Philip and his staff are incredibly supportive and simply wonderful people. Finally, because Calla Lily Memories is very large (two feet wide and three feet long), I used Aluminyze to print it for me on metal. Large images are almost impossible to print without specialized equipment and paper - let alone on metal which requires a Clean Room. Also by using Aluminyze to print Calla Lily Memories on metal, the image is specially sealed so that it can be hung outside as well as inside. This is one of the reasons why I like printing my photography this way - few photographs can withstand the humidity of a bathroom, kitchen or restaurant (let alone outdoors) but as long as my photos are not in direct sunlight, they perfectly safe. Having always had excellent success with Aluminyze in the past, they are my go-to partner for this level of photographic printing. I don't create elaborate scenes or photoshop my images extensively. I got into photography because my ability to remember things isn't as strong as I would like. I am what the "Art World" calls an Outsider Artist as I have no formal training via a school or degree (although I am a college graduate). This makes it difficult for me to "break in" to that world so I enter ArtPrize and other competitions in the hope of getting recognized and to sell my work. But I believe that all artists, whatever the medium, are trying to tell a story or show others how they see the world, their point of view. I took Calla Lily Memory filled with love for my father and crying. Hopeful he was up in heaven with tears running down my face. Feel free to find me at and ttp:// Thanks! Art Prize Vote Code 62213

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 1 inch
  • Medium: Photography
  • Width: 24 inches
  • Year created: 2011
  • Height: 36 inches