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The American Girl Series

Phillip Ferguson's avatar Phillip Ferguson

The American Girl series features the natural beauty of female figures that all have one things in common: they are images of women who have their head disconnected from their body. The purpose of this series is to contrive the emotion of biological, social & relational dissonance of the human body-to-mind connection. This has occurred from media handed down to us from our nation's common world view-which focuses on the exterior of a human rather than their inner strength & beauty that we all truly desire to experience in human interaction. In relationships, most women are comfortable disrobing their bodies but remain disturbed or unsure at the concepts of unveiling the mind & deep desires in a relationship. The way Western media ideals run rampant cause mass confusion & inevitably this biological & social indoctrination has been widely responsible for hindering the full capacity that's innately woven into women by nature, thus infecting the foundation of all relationships.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 1/2
  • Medium: Oil/Acrylic Mixed Medium
  • Width: 2'
  • Year created: 2003
  • Height: 3.5'