Symphony of Gestures

Sara Dittrich and Benjamin Buchanan

The works within “Symphony of Gestures” use exaggerated forms to explore the communal aspects of music creation and offer the viewer a renewed awareness of the human body, while providing a playful and meditative atmosphere where the norms of musical traditions are defied in an absurd fashion. Featuring the performance piece “Physical Arrangement for String Quartet”, musicians will perform a new composition created by Benjamin Buchanan while placed in strenuous/precarious positions throughout the designated space. The composition and choreography amplifies each musician’s body in space and in relation to one another. Musical sculptures, “Going/Staying”, “Electric Bow”, and “Call and Response” as well as the video projection “Trio for Solo Contrabass”, will also be on display. Upcoming Performance Schedule of "Physical Arrangement for String Quartet": Tuesday Oct 6: 5:00 pm, and Thursday Oct 8: 5:00 pm. **Performances last a total of 10 minutes

Entry Details
  • Art form: Time-Based
  • Depth: Variable
  • Medium: Performance, Video, Interactive installation
  • Width: Variable
  • Year created: 2015
  • Height: Variable

About Sara Dittrich and Benjamin Buchanan

Sara Dittrich and Benjamin Buchanan have collaborated on several projects synthesizing musical composition and performance with sculpture. Their interdisciplinary approach investigates the communal aspects of music creation, along with new ways to perform and perceive music.