The Past, Orbiting

David Skidmore's avatar David Skidmore

This image (Greco-Roman artifacts forming a ring around a foreign planet) appeared in my imagination; it seemed to request I give it form in a painting. If you traveled through space and time and came upon these iconic images from Earth, how would you react? Would you conclude that this place is actually our home, which has been destroyed? Or would you speculate that the images originated here and were somehow exported to ancient Earth? Space inspires us to dream of an idealistic future for humanity, yet as we travel into the void of space, the one certainty is that we will bring both humanity’s strengths and weaknesses (illustrated by our history on Earth) along with us.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 2"
  • Medium: Acrylic, canvas, paper
  • Width: 48"
  • Year created: 2014
  • Height: 36"