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For the toward


In "For the toward," the performer(s) strain against crushing weight. They coax, ride, and hurl steel sculptures that are the immediate result of relentless labor. Raw energy channeled into athletic grace is absorbed by the performer(s) as they maneuver such weight. As they balance on shaky weight, they attempt to create a bearable environment in which to exhale and endeavor. "For the toward" was made in a collaborative creation process: choreography by Kora Radella; duet performance by Will Arbery and Matty Davis; solo performance by Matty Davis; text by Will Arbery; and sculpture/installation by Matty Davis. The very first iteration of the duet "For the toward" was created in 2014 followed by work on a longer iteration of the duet in 2015. The solo version of "For the toward" was created in 2015.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Time-Based
  • Depth: Variable
  • Medium: Performance, sculpture, text
  • Width: Variable
  • Year created: 2015
  • Height: Variable


BOOMERANG is a fearlessly physical, poetically-nuanced dance and performance project co-directed by Matty Davis and Kora Radella. Recognizing the body as an evolving repository for both physical and psychological life, BOOMERANG sifts through and siphons from the rich, eclectic histories that constitute the personhoods of the people with whom they work.