Art Prize Anthem

Pete Weatherhead's avatar Pete Weatherhead

My entry is the Art Prize Anthem. I wrote this song specifiicly to be used as the Art Prize official (self proclaimed) theme song. I wrote the piece for Kid Rock to do the vocals, but so far that has not worked out. I hope you like it. Here are the words: G Rap city is where I stay, go to work in the morning and at night I play Traveled around the world done a lot of stuff, but downtown now were a lighten it up. Mr. Rich always lookin, lookin for ways to make our town hot, a cool place to stay stepped in the box, drove it deep, in 2009 he filled the streets with chorus Art Prize Grand Rapids x 3 come on down see what is happin'in So the party got started it was great from the get go, crowds had fun, all the kids in tow Critics had a field day with all the stuff, innovation and talent made the art rise up. don't think its cool? fool! think again, same time each year if you don't know when days are warm, nights are fair, its the destination with excitement in the air......chorus As the summer winds down with the summer days and nights, artists' all bid for a great big prize food a plenty and beer a flowin, the world can see this towns a glowin So from the kid on the other side, Romeo a short 2 hour drive To join right in with West Michigan in an AWESOME ARTPRIZE CELEBRATION....... chorus

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