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Another Place, Another Time

Christopher Schneider's avatar Christopher Schneider

The reliability of memory is elusive. Sometimes, the passage of time clouds its clarity. Sometimes we believe we remember but make the wrong connections. Both of my grandmothers suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease and my art mentor had a brain injury that destroyed his short term memory. All three struggled mightily with their own minds, frustrated because what they thought they knoew was not true. Frustrated also because they could not conjure the memory they knew should be there. This project is about memory as it disintegrates and fractures, achieved through the destruction of someone’s vintage slides. I found these slides in a Florida dumpster, documenting travels all over the globe. They were someone’s life memories, now obscured, abstracted, and forever gone. I invented a process to alter these 35mm color slides, then scanned them in high resolution and printed them on Duratrans paper. They are mounted with plexiglass on an LED light box I designed and sell.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 3"
  • Medium: Photography
  • Width: 36"
  • Year created: 2015
  • Height: 24"