what we spiral from

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Title what we spiral from returns blooming on linden and feathered in scent 2014 Media Vessel, boat, cradle, nest, yoni: carved from white pine Talking Sticks in the vessel and on the wall: rice paper, feathers, fur, leaves, thorns, cat whiskers, flight sectionals, grasses, flower petals, graph paper, cheesecloth, splinters, wedding veil, words: TABLES MOTHERS CHAIRS FATHERS BONES CHILDREN BRANCHES HUSBANDS HANDS BROTHERS TEETH SISTERS WHITE THINGS DOGS BIRDS SHADOWS DAUGHTERS STONES FRIENDS FOOTPRINTS EARTH DRUMS WIVES FEATHERS SONS Drawings: micron and graphite The words on the one drawing—“now she beats the drum…” —are modified from the IChing Inner Truth, #61. This component addresses legacy. Statement First home is the womb. Story Last August I found myself with a desire to carve a boat. I rationalized that made sense, to use a personal metaphor, one utilized decades in my drawings, and now, seemingly wanting to materialize as an object. I understood this icon in the context of home, but not until I was into it did I understand just how relevant it was in light of my youngest going off to college. In my usual way I ignored all that, meaning the impulse to weep when I thought about this dramatic change in our family, and carried on, feeling a tad like Mr. Bean operating out of a ill-defined mentality. Erstwhile my psyche conducted business in my studio. It reminds me how behind-the-8-ball I was with every milestone each of our boys traversed: Ooooh. So that’s what he’s doing - growing? Apparently a part of me can be attending to, while another is carrying on, and clueless. The psyche has many talents. It is the equalizer. It can lift tall buildings in a single bound. It can mourn and in response, build a nest. This is not the first time I have been a kind of bystander to it and in this instance, turns out that the trail I’ve taken as a mother is inherent in the vessel.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Installation
  • Depth: 18 in
  • Medium: installation, varied
  • Width: 38 in
  • Year created: 2014
  • Height: 38 in