The Blue Bead Project: 21 Million Beads for Freedom


The Blue Bead Project is about people. It’s about awareness. It’s about making a difference. We want millions of people to 'Wear The Bead'. A symbol that says you are speaking out and doing something about modern slavery in all its forms. Wearing a Blue Bead is one thing that everyone can do. Our goal is to get 21 million beads on twenty one million people. That’s one bead for every person trapped in slavery today. Just as when Harriet Tubman walked the earth, slavery is Real. Here. Now. We are starting a new railroad. But it won’t be underground this time. Our portion of this project is to create an installation for ArtPrize 7, the largest Art 'competition' in the World. And while the eyes of the World are on This Place, This Venue and This Space, we will offer this art, this altar and over 21,000,000 beads as a symbol for a prayer, a wish, a hope and a dream; a symbol for Freedom. Help us take our art and our message to the world. Tell us why you will wear the Bead. Take a picture. Make a movie. Start a movement. Wear the Bead. We can make a difference, one person, one step, one bead at a time.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Installation
  • Depth: 40'
  • Medium: Mixed
  • Width: 30'
  • Year created: 2015
  • Height: 12'

About Surcadiana

Kate and Ted Jauw are teachers, artists, musicians and storytellers, whose Team Surcadiana believe in doing Art For A Cause. A few scant blocks from this site at City Hall in Grand Rapids is one of the last stops of the Underground Railroad. In neighboring Wyoming, Michigan, there is another. But here you see another stop. This one is of this Time. This Place and these slaves are Real, Here, and Now… Please join us as we offer over Twenty One Million Blue Beads and more, to ask for their Freedom. To tell their Story and to help us all find a Way to Freedom. For Everyone.