Bad Girl

Alex Goldenberg's avatar Alex Goldenberg

"Bad Girl" started out as a dysfunctional relationship metaphor for chemotherapy, but as I worked on it I realized that it was really about the transformation and healing that I've been going through for the past year................... I was diagnosed with colon cancer in May of 2014, & have been undergoing chemotherapy since then. And while there has been plenty of grieving & crying and side-effects & pain along the way, the flip-side to this experience has been wondrous: I'm closer to my wife Donna & my 7 year old son Jonathan; I have developed new friendships; I paint more now than I ever have; I am growing faster as an artist than I ever thought was possible; I do Qigong as a daily practice; I know myself better; I'm more open to life and love; and everyday I feel grateful to be alive. Cancer has been & is a part of my life; I am very close to moving on from this disease. It's possible to come out of an experience with cancer stronger than when you began. I hope this painting will convey that belief................ I've been painting off and on for a long time. I've done mostly abstract, non-representative work that has emphasized color and texture: drip paintings, drip and smear, squeegee and trowel paintings, and most recently color-band paintings done with oil stick media. I've loved doing these paintings: there have been only a few things in my life that have consistently given me as much joy as putting color on canvas or panel. But in the last couple of years I've felt a need for change: I've come to think that I want to deepen my work - make it less abstract and more directly about feelings and life and people. I've also had an impulse to put humor into my work, and I've wanted to try putting words into my paintings. I'm enthusiastic about these new directions for me. "Bad Girl" is my 1st significant attempt at this change............. "Bad Girl" is not yet complete: I am a tinkerer, and I will be making some changes to the painting probably all through the summer. These changes most likely will include balancing and tweaking the colors, adding one or two line-drawing symbols, adding a few more words, and adding a slim, painted frame.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 3 1/2 in.
  • Medium: oil paint & collage
  • Width: 81 1/2 in.
  • Year created: 2015
  • Height: 49 1/2 in.