Perspectives on Transformation in Community

Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center

It started with a writing prompt. The image above was projected for the 5th grade students of the GRCDC, and they approached it with nothing more than a pencil, lined paper, their eyes, and their innovative minds. A half hour later, some students volunteered to share their creative expressions. Benjamin Edwards shared the following … “’Wake up, I’ve got a great idea for what we should do for Artprize!’ was the first thing that fell upon Mike’s ears. He sat up to listen to what his brother Maxwell had to say. ‘My idea,’ continued Maxwell, ‘Is to put up old life-sized pictures of people where the pictures were taken throughout Grand Rapids!’" And so the wheels began to turn for all of us … Our goal is to find up to five historical images of Grand Rapids, investigate the precise locations of the images as well as the site from which they were taken, enlarge the photographs, and then strategically place them in a position to allow observers a perspective on transformation in community.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Installation
  • Depth: 2 ft.
  • Medium: photography
  • Width: 5ft.
  • Year created: 2014
  • Height: 10ft.

About Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center

We work for the GR Child Discovery Center. Sara Dews-5th grade teacher-educates the students that came up with the idea for this project. Sarah Cooper-Pedagogista-helps center us in our educational philosophy of Reggio Emilia. Kay Waterson-Studio Coordinator-keeps us immersed in the various languages of the arts. Trevor Gilbert-Lead Para-fills in the gaps.