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View Detroit

3 View Detroit

Our art piece is titled “View Detroit”. The theme of the art work is to view all the great things about the City of Detroit, past and present, though a pair of sunglasses. A GIANT pair of sunglasses. The art work will measure 15’ wide x 8-1/2’ deep and 7’ high with the actual sunglasses being about 12' wide x 4-1/2’ high and the lens portion of the frames resting on large letters spelling “View Detroit” that will be about 30” tall. The arms of the sunglasses will be propped up at the back with something nondescript. The frame will be constructed primarily of a solid surface material. The lettering will be constructed of a multi-ply plywood. The lens will be tinted from the front and will be approximately 5” in depth overall. From inside the frame you will see many images of Detroit, symbolic of all the great attributes the city has to offer. One lens will house a pictorial story of Detroit’s early days and the other lens reflecting current Detroit and its resurgence. These collages of photos will be set behind a clear glass panel. It is important that when the art work is in position for exhibit that the glasses are actually facing towards Detroit. A somewhat southeasterly direction from Grand Rapids.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 96 Inches
  • Medium: Wood-Solid Surface-Metal
  • Width: 120 Inches
  • Year created: 2014
  • Height: 84 Inches

About 3 View Detroit

We are a 3 person team. All 3 members are Detroit area residents with some members living in downtown Detroit. Kevin Walby is an office furniture manufacturer in Madison Heights , Michigan Erica Kimber graduated from the Center for Creative Studies, is employed as an Interior Designer and currently resides in Detroit. Brie Ann Norton Graduated from the Center for Creative Studies and currently works in a creative design field.