Silver + Schoenberg

The launch of MusicX is co-commissioned by the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts and Grand Rapids Symphony. For ArtPrize, the beta version of a virtual reality-based speed learning system will debut at the UICA. Visitors gaining entry will have the opportunity to acquire deep impressions of the entire history of music in under fifteen minutes. MusicX invites you to rethink what and how you know music. What is normally learned through “music theory” or “ear training” can be yours through exciting, timely, and subliminal experiences enabled by the most advanced music-philosophical visualization techniques available. At MusicX you will be invited into a media hypnosis where you can receive ALL musical knowledge in a single synaesthetic dose. MusicX contains the latest speculative music and audio research that goes far beyond the confines of memory and will allow you to approach every future listening experience with a renewed, total awareness of the infinite potential of music.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Time-Based
  • Depth: Infinite
  • Medium: Many
  • Width: Multiple
  • Year created: 2014
  • Height: Unknown

About Silver + Schoenberg

The expertise of Adam Schoenberg and Micah Silver traverses the landscape of music, art, design, philosophy, and technology - with MusicX they will change the way we imagine musical knowledge being transmitted and what knowledge is most valuable to transmit. MusicX is a speculative revolution in how we think music. Visit us online at