Vinod Patel's avatar Vinod Patel

At the dusk of 2nd millennium, Einstein ignored the Quantum Cosmos; while Picasso,Matisse brushed the Time Dimension off their paintings! What are we to do in the dawn of the 3rd Millennium? American say,"Transform this World" and Texas bragging rights, inspired me in a fresh attempt to pierce through the veil of Micro Hydraulics domain in the realm of Nano Scale Viscosity changes; to redefine the previously unrealized microcosm of self assembling oily Pigments. As goes it, slimy pigs didn't want to follow any of my orders of confinement. No Artist in this world, would do it either! Soon it became a very challenging Interactive game which I was forced to play & learn. So, when waved a strings magical wand of Quarks, Bosons & Quantum world chaos, I got them in my cross hair to describe the 4th dimension:Time; for my paintings. By which, I bring the Movie world of Cinema to a standstill! Organic Fractals transported a brand new dynamics of magical movie motion to my paintings, Nirvana!

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 3 Inches
  • Medium: Oil paints/Art Paper
  • Width: 6 Feet
  • Year created: 2014
  • Height: 9 Feet