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I Am Human (Full Spectrum)


I AM HUMAN (full spectrum) is the evolution of an ongoing artistic collaboration celebrating what it means to be human through the means of Body Art and Photography. Australian Body Artist Yoyoe (aka Josephine Bradley Scott), New Zealand Photogragher and Film maker Valetta Brenzón and the Michigan Eating Disorders Alliance have teamed up yet again to bring another engaging body of work to Art Prize, this time in full color! “Nine inspiring human beings become works of art as we respond to their unique human essence using body art and photography. We enter their homes, studios and special spaces to uncover what inspires and challenges them about being human. The result is a powerful collaboration between body artist, photographer and muse, touching on the full spectrum of human emotion, otherwise known as I AM HUMAN - Full Spectrum.” Diversity of the human form is celebrated in the innovative medium of body paint, a method of expression used throughout time to transform the body from an object of function into something of worship and wonder. I AM HUMAN –(full spectrum) is an uplifting approach to the pertinent topic of ‘body image’.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 1.5 inches
  • Medium: photography
  • Width: 70cm-1m
  • Year created: 2014
  • Height: up to 90cm

About MiEDA

HISTORY The ‘I AM HUMAN’ project was created by Yoyoe (a.k.a. Josephine Bradley Scott) and Valetta Brenzón in conjunction with the Michigan Eating Disorders Alliance (MiEDA). In 2012 the duo were invited by the Michigan Eating Disorders Alliance to create a body of work that celebrates self-acceptance and diversity of the human form. I AM HUMAN was painted and shot in black and white and was exhibited as a part of Art Prize 2012, the largest Art Prize in America, at Purple East Gallery. After the success of I AM HUMAN 2012 we are doing it all again with a beautiful colourful twist and we are searching for the perfect venue to showcase the magic. About MiEDA Mission The goal of the Michigan Eating Disorders Alliance (MiEDA) is to reduce the impact of eating disorders within our community through education and prevention initiatives directed towards young people, parents, educators and healthcare professionals. MiEDA was established in 2011 by Gail Hall and Jennifer Lane. Gail, LMSW, DCSW and Director of CTED (Comprehensive Treatment for Eating Disorders) in Grand Rapids, MI has been treating patients with eating disorders for over 20 years. Jennifer is a recovered individual who desires to offer a message of help and hope to those struggling with and eating disorder. Together Gail and Jennifer founded MiEDA to reach out to their community through education and prevention programs. .