Line Drawings

Gary Smith's avatar Gary Smith

I have entered two forms of my art-my line drawings are intricate highly detailed works of imagination that I have been doing almost exclusively for the past five years. They represent an interior landscape where light and wind are given both substance and structure. They are both organic and architectural-geometries of some other space entering into our own. They are meant to inspire and uplift the viewer. The second art form I have chosen to submit is absolutely brand new for me. I started these during this past long winter. They are macro photographs of ice (my macro lens is quite simple-just built into the camera-12x it reads on the side so nothing terribly fancy). I love watercolor and wondered what it would look like to inject various liquid watercolors into the ice-also wondered what would it look like to actually freeze various objects/textures in the ice itself-whatever came to mind. These are the results. I love doing my art.It has been a blessing and a special gift for me.

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