The World War II of Jack A. Drew: a Photographed Collage

Deb Drew Brown's avatar Deb Drew Brown

This photographed collage is created in honor of my father who served in World War II. I am creating the collage from his World War II memorabilia. My father lied about his age to enter the army; he said his 18th birthday was in March, when it was in May. He served most of his time in Italy. You can see in the middle of the collage, that he had a Stars and Stripes newspaper with the big headline: "Nazi Armies in Italy Surrender." All of the items my father saved are in near perfect condition. I am fortunate that I am able to honor his time served by sharing his historically important items with you.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 1.5"
  • Medium: Photography
  • Width: 4'
  • Year created: 2014
  • Height: 4'