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Just Listening

Visual Voice

Just Listening is a visual commentary on American ideals regarding the National Security Agency’s (NSA) electronic data surveillance and collection programs. Three accomplished artists with backgrounds in the law, healthcare and the arts, come together to deploy art and technology in an intriguing sculptural statement about the systematic use of technology to collect information on Americans and worldwide. These three artists make a serious subject engaging and thought-provoking as the viewer contemplates a life-sized Lady Justice who has removed the blindfold and holds a large globe over her head. Lady Justice represents a personification of morality within the judicial system. The artists selected Lady Justice as a symbol of American ideals of due process and justice and the sculpture shows the potential of her being compromised within the context of a government surveillance program. In the completed sculpture, Lady Justice stands on a platform of data server cases (cases that hold computer servers, which are hardware for storing computer data), representing the massive collection and storage of electronic data. Her elaborate gown is constructed of mixed and repurposed materials including news media, newspapers and articles related to surveillance. The lining of her gown represents the characteristic red and white stripes of the American flag and drives home the national aspects of the surveillance debate. Lady Justice wears earbuds as she listens to and surveys the electronic globe. The globe itself is made of repurposed circuit boards and lit from within, to further emphasis the central role of technology in the world, in our communications and at the heart of the current surveillance debate. Utilizing technology, the sculpture will incorporate a tablet computer screen running a real-time Twitter feed referencing the NSA and surveillance.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 5' max
  • Medium: Sculpture of metal, mosaic, glass, paper, repurposed materials
  • Width: 5' max
  • Year created: 2014
  • Height: 14' max

About Visual Voice

Three accomplished artists with backgrounds in the law, healthcare and the arts, work together on this intriguing and dynamic sculpture. The artists have worked closely with each other for years and this is their first collaboration. They bring together art backgrounds and mediums nearly as diverse as their career paths: Paint, textile, mosaic, assemblage, and sculpture.