Anywhere But Here


Anywhere But Here. A progressive rock song written from personal experience with addictive obsession and compulsive self-destruction, culminating in readiness to change and eventual surrender to Life. There are two sides to every addiction; the false persona of the "addict" and the truth of the real person inside. OR PERFORMING LIVE: MONDAY, SEPT. 29 AT 7:00PM PRESIDENT'S ROOM AT ST. CECILIA MUSIC CENTER

Entry Details
  • Art form: Time-Based
  • Depth: yes
  • Medium: music and lyrics
  • Width:
  • Year created: 2014
  • Height:

About OR

OR, we were formed at the Dawn of Time, because Someone was bored with the Silence. OR, we sprang from the roots laid down by poverty-stricken, illiterate Bluesmen, to express the beauty of pain, OR the pain of beauty. OR, we are a carefully assembled team of extraordinarily skilled warriors, bent on world domination in the name of our chosen god, OR, we are an artist, a physician, a truck driver and a prison guard who met by random chance, OR Craigslist, OR by earwax removal OR in the chamber of arts. OR, we may be something else entirely...