The Shared Light of Consciousness

New Ancient Arts

Whether it is found in the face of a sunflower, the spiral of a Nautilus shell, or in the dance of the celestial spheres, the golden spiral pervades our universe. The Shared Light of Consciousness installation will capture this elegant form through the careful arrangement of colorful lights and more than 200 handcrafted and glass-blown forms. The components of the piece will be suspended from the ceiling like an otherworldly mobile, evoking contemplation and awe for all who step under it. The spiraled lights and glass forms are intended to reinforce a sense of interconnectedness with humanity, Earth, and the order of the cosmos. Our hope is that each viewer will experience the piece as an embodiment of rejuvenation and calm strength as they reaffirm their own place in the world, like they would staring at the majesty of the night sky, or at the light flowing through the stained-glass windows of a Gothic cathedral. 

Entry Details
  • Art form: Installation
  • Depth: 6ft
  • Medium: Glass, Light, Metal
  • Width: 6ft
  • Year created: 2014
  • Height: 10-20ft

About New Ancient Arts

New Ancient Arts is composed of Katherine Hammond, a BFA holding glass artist of 9 years, and Michael Percy, a lighting designer and all around event production professional. With our combined love of color, light, glass and art, we are thrilled to use the opportunity ArtPrize provides to share our vision of peaceful coexistence in art.